Sinus & Nasal Treatment

Redding Sinus & Nasal TreatmentRedding ENT can offer relief for those suffering from sinus/nasal problems. Our services include the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus infections, painful conditions, blockage and tumors. Sinusitis (sinus infection) is a swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses. Sinuses are normally filled with air. However they can become blocked and filled with fluid, allowing germs to grow and cause an infection.

Introducing the Pillar® Procedure for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

What Is the Pillar® Procedure? The Pillar® Procedure is a simple, safe, and effective treatment designed to stiffen your soft palate to help you stop snoring. In many cases, it can also help people suffering from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It’s a relatively painless procedure that can be performed in a doctor’s office in about 20 minutes, using only local anesthetic. During the Pillar Procedure, a specially trained ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor or other Pillar Procedure Specialist places 3 tiny woven implants (approximately 0.7 inches long and 0.08 inches wide) into the soft palate using a sterile delivery tool. Over time, the implants, together with the body’s natural fibrotic response, add structural support to stiffen the soft palate and reduce the tissue vibration that can cause snoring. The implants also help reduce the tissue collapse that can obstruct the upper airway and cause sleep apnea. The Pillar Procedure implants are made of a woven polyester material that has been used in implantable medical devices for more than 50 years. Want to know What to Expect with the Pillar Procedure? Hint: You won’t even feel the implants.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP) is a safe and effective procedure for chronic sinusitis patients who are not responding well to medications and are seeking relief from uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms. Balloon Sinuplasty, ENT doctors open inflamed sinuses in the same way that heart surgeons open up blocked arteries during balloon angioplasty. The procedure is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, and effective at relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Balloon Sinuplasty allows patients to return to normal activities quickly. Unlike conventional sinus surgery, it does not include removal of bone or tissue from the nose. The benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty include: Safe More than 150,000 patients have been treated safely with Balloon Sinuplasty Proven Over 95% of patients who’ve had the procedure say they would have it again. (1) Fast While recovery time varies with each patient, people can quickly return to normal activities. (2) 1. ORIOS I, office-based dilation, Data on file at Acclarent. 2. Wynn R, Vaughn W. “Post-Operative Pain After FESS with Balloon Sinuplasty.” AAO, 2006 If you have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and are not responding well to antibiotics, you may be a candidate for sinus surgery. There is now a less invasive option sued by ENT doctors to treat chronic sinisitis that is clinically proven to be safe, effective and improve the quality of your life. Please REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT to learn more about this and any other procedure.