Voice & Throat Problems

Treating a Range of Voice and Throat Problems

Redding ENT treats a variety of voice and throat problems, from laryngitis to throat cancer.

If voice symptoms persist for more than two or three weeks after a cold or flu has gone away ­ especially if the patient is a smoker, the patient should be seen immediately by an ENT specialist.


There are a variety of causes of hoarseness in children, the most common of which are not life threatening. However, there are some rare causes of hoarseness that should be seen immediately. If you are experiencing hoarseness for more than two weeks, you should have an exam of your voice box. This is to rule out a possible mass and/or cancer.

Voice Box Disorders in Newborns Are Quite Different From Those in Older Children and Adults

There are typical differences between hoarseness in newborns and children.

  • Hoarseness or abnormal cry in newborns is usually caused by a congenital (present at birth) problem.
  • Hoarseness in children is usually caused by a problem that occurs after birth. These causes include:
    • Vocal nodules
    • Infections
    • Papilloma
    • Gastropharyngeal reflux
  • Voice Box Disorder in Children Presents as Noisy Breathing (Stridor)
    • Stridor (noisy breathing) in children is related to voice disorders because the cause(s) may be in the voice box.
    • Stridor can also be caused by problems outside of the voice box.